Work Experience
2019 - Present
  • Took over 100% outsourced iOS / back-end project, hired locally moving design, development, QA, and ops in-house over the course of 30 days cutting costs in half while increasing velocity.
  • PMs added to agile process, design brought into a pre-production phase with developers so features can be designed with low dev time and quality.
  • One week sprints instituted to keep everyone in touch with where development is at along with TestFlight versions of the app which can be demoed in pitches or shared to investors through a beta TestFlight group.
  • Instituted version control using git and code reviews in order to keep everyone on the same page, end of day merges used to keep master moving forward.
  • Dockerized all legacy apps and Microservices to prevent discrepancies between dev environments and production deploys.
  • Moved from monolithic node REST & Socket apps to golang / node Microservices resulting in faster iterations and features.
  • Instituted feature flags and shadow releases in order to keep master constantly deployed in the wild preventing merge conflicts and other slows downs but still having the ability to run A/B tests or test features on a small subset of users.
  • Further brought down AWS costs 60% by scaling EC2 and RDS instances down to the correct size and instituted autoscaling rules to handle spikes in traffic.
  • Moved to ECS w/ Spot Instances to bring cost down further (EC2 90% in some cases) and create a continuous deployment environment making the feedback loop from dev -> PM / non-technical stakeholders faster.
  • Created graphite dashboard and utilized StatsD in order to internally track app usage such as logins, forgot password, picking players etc. resulting in better uptime as we could see trends in app failure.
  • Utilized collectd to track machine health as well as SNS to monitoring app health and react as necessary.
2017 - 2019
  • Managed team of ten across three remote offices in different time zones.
  • Architected the creation of features released across all platforms utilizing microservices and a common back-end.
  • Maintained existing budget while expanding the team across three offices and seeing 150% growth in revenue.
  • Fostered an environment of self-sufficent development allowing teams to release to production and experiment faster.
  • Mentored Junior developers to higher positions, held code reviews, and oversaw App Store deploys with a 99.7% Crashlytics rating.
  • Increased overall iOS app reviews up to 4.5 stars, resulting in App Store features in "Best New Updates" and "Best of Health and Fitness."
  • Created retail version of the app for installation on phones in US Apple retail stores.
  • Successfully moved an old out sourced Objective-C app to 100% Swift resulting in faster feature releases and hiring ease.
  • Worked with the team to unanimously adopted a code style allowing the team to write more maintainable code.
2015 - 2017
  • Took StackCommerce from comfortably deploying once a week to comfortably releasing multiple times a day.
  • Handled all deployment tasks from code review to getting the feature out the door.
  • Utilized GitHub Issue Tracker to keep everyone informed on daily and weekly releases of varying sizes.
  • Implemented a jenkins CI allowing full regression tests to be run before merge.
  • Architected an AWS solution allowing the company to move it's main Ruby app from Heroku to AWS.
  • Successfully assisted with all site migrations, including one milestone that touched every image on the site.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with PMs in order to keep stakeholders informed of bug fixes and features releases.
2014 - 2015
  • Utilized daily scrum standups and bi-weekly debriefs to keep projects on track and features delivered on time.
  • Created and modified Django templates to remove technical debt and make it easier to implement new features for a proprietary back office web app.
  • Helped create a custom automated CI framework to increase ease and accuracy of deploys for a Python / Django security site used by Fortune 100 companies.
  • Helped the backoffice team get from zero to 80% code coverage, significantly decreasing testing time for the QA department during deployments.
  • Using our newly created framework I was able to get new QA hire's painlessly writing new automation tests from scratch within 24 hours.
2012 - 2014
  • Transformed QA from a manual testing group to an automated testing group.
  • Created an automated testing framework using RSpec and Ruby with SauceLabs as our grid.
  • Open-sourced and gave a presentation at SeleniumCon 2013 in Boston about our framework and how to use it.
  • Created an Appium bridge so our framework supported Android and iOS devices.
  • Open sourced and presented CucumberSauceium at the Appium release party in 2012.
  • Acquired by Turner.
2010 - 2012
  • Worked with an off-shore team using Scrum sprints to fix bugs and create new features for the entire Appmakr engine across four different mobile platforms.
  • Tasked with creating new and exciting features for the Python / Django based WYSIWYG app builder using PhoneGap and jQuery.
  • Manually verified, wrote step-by-step reports, and prioritized the most important bugs for each sprint.
  • Created a User Advisory Board of users to keep a finger on the pulse of the different types of users.
  • Sold to Infinite Monkeys in 2013.
2005 - 2009
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